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3 billion people lack access to basic waste services


Their waste is not collected and/or not disposed of properly. This means open dumping and burning. The impact on the environment and public health is enormous: severe land pollution, freshwater and sea pollution as well as local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that this laissez-faire is responsible for about 1/3 of total fine dust in the world.

Our founder, Koen, experienced this problem first-hand during his travels around West-Africa in 2015. He was determined to bring a change and that's how Faro360 was born.

What we do

Micro factories for a circular economy

Faro360 builds micro factories for plastic recycling, using open source technology. We partner with primary waste collectors in developing countries and give them the opportunity to turn waste into raw material. This leads to higher earnings, job creation, capacity building and a direct positive impact on the environment.

How we do it

Precious Plastic, together to boost plastic recycling all over the world


Precious Plastic is the graduation project at the Design Academy of Dave Hakkens. He created instructional videos and blueprints for plastic recycling machines: extrusion, injection, compression, and shredding. Oh and the best part, it's free! Why? To spread the know-how and boost plastic recycling.

This technology combined with strong local partnerships and a unique organisational model, makes it possible for Faro360 to come a step closer to creating a waste free world.

Vision, Mission, Theory of Change

Our vision, how we see the world

Faro 360 envisions a world where all municipal solid waste is being collected and processed

in a truly circular economy, with fair conditions for all people involved. We dream of clean

streets and rivers, clean cities and oceans, where it’s safe and pleasant for people and

animals to live and thrive.

Our mission, what we strive

Our mission is to support local partners in primary waste collection by providing them with

waste valorisation tools together with training on waste management, awareness campaigns

and clean up actions.

Theory of Change

We believe that supporting local primary waste collectors can lead to a drastic increase in the number of waste collected and reused. This results not only in a direct impact in the streets and in the overall environment, but also and mostly in a better economy and public health for local communities involved.

Why the name "Faro360"

Inspired by the Mandé creation myth


Faro is a figure in the Mandé mythology who sacrificed himself to purify the earth, polluted by his evil twin, Pemba. We were inspired by his selflessness and his willingness to create a better world, so we gave our startup his name! 360 refers to the circular economy, a closed loop from creation to disposal of an object.

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